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Minneapolis, MN Comprehensive Life Insurance Policy

Felker Financial, Inc. offers life insurance policy and term life insurance for Minneapolis and the Twin Cities residents. Call 763-593-1985 today!

Long term care for residents in New Hope

Felker Financial, Inc. takes pride in working with expert insurance agents prepared to serve you. We offer life insurance policies that will help you protect what matters most to you.

Long term care for residents in New Hope

We have been serving Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. We also complete extensive research and conduct surveys to find a coverage that suits you best.

Our company values your trust as we strive to provide you with the quality service you deserve.

Life Insurance

As your personal situations change (i.e., marriage, birth of a child or job promotion), so will your life insurance needs. Care should be taken to ensure these strategies and products are suitable for your long-term life insurance needs. You should weigh your objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance, as well as any associated costs before investing. Count on Felker Financial Inc. to customize a policy to fit your individual needs.

Fixed Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Our life insurance policy options include fixed indexed universal life insurance, in which we provide principal protection in a down market, along with the opportunity for growth. We base our data and strategy through indices and the stock market. Our professional and dedicated insurance agents are prepared to provide you with more details about this coverage option.

Term Life Insurance

In the event that a loved one or a family member has passed on, our term life insurance covers the individual’s beneficiaries. At Felker Financial, Inc., we believe that life costs more than the value of money. Don’t worry about the cost that come with it as we strive to make your life better and ease your troubles.

Indexed Annuities

Find an indexed annuity plan that matches your financial goals by relying on Felker Financial Inc. This product covers your income, even as you retire, with a lower chance of you outliving it. As a BBB-accredited business, our insurance company offers the right solutions for your long-term life goals, all at a competitive rate.

Fixed Annuities

Our fixed annuity coverages are guaranteed to provide you with principal-protected return-rates. This can be your principal investment, which will yield promising results such as guaranteed minimum rates, guaranteed income payments, safety of principal, and more!

Chronic Illness Riders on Life Insurance

At Felker Financial, we make sure no one gets left behind. A Chronic Illness Riders Insurance is an add-on that secures you a benefit if you are diagnosed with a qualifying chronic illness. We ensure that you are covered by your life insurance whenever circumstances require it.

Long Term Care Insurance

Felker Financial, Inc. strives to give you peace of mind. For as long as you need it, our long term care insurance coverage will secure your savings and investments.

Cash Distributions from Life Insurance

Planning for a retirement? Felker Financial, Inc. secures your future and handles your finances with the utmost care.

Social Security

Maximizing your social security income is extremely complex. Each year, Americans lose billions of dollars in lifetime income, unknowingly and unnecessarily. Without a personalized timing report, you could be putting your hard-earned money at risk. Rely on the expert analysis of Felker Financial, Inc. to help you sort through the options and choose the one that will fully maximize your family’s lifetime Social Security income.

Fulfill Your Financial Goals

Rely on Felker Financial, Inc.’s detailed and comprehensive life insurance coverages. We are dedicated to helping you fulfill your financial goals while reducing the worry that can come with choosing a proper insurance plan!

We operate Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Call us at 763-593-1985 for inquiries!

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